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The Cattle Collective provides first hand information from real people working around Australia and around the world in the live cattle export industry, to provide a balanced view to the wider community. We are a collection of farmers, truck drivers, stock people, vets, and industry representatives. We care about the Australian cattle sector from the farm through to the community.

What we do


The Cattle Collective provides a united voice to help inform the wider Australian community about how much care is taken in preparing, transporting and managing Australian cattle. After the success of sister brand The Sheep Collective co-founders and the wider support network were keen to expand on the movement to encompass the live cattle supply chain. We provide informational videos, vessel tours and empower supply chain participants.

How it works


    The Australian livestock transport industry is one of the most highly regulated in the world and drivers undergo specific training in low stress stock handling.



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    Our export industry is highly regulated and sets a global benchmark in the preparation and transportation of cattle. Our vets and qualified shipboard stock persons accompany our livestock on the journey.

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    We retain responsibility for our animals all the way through the export process until the point of slaughter – a responsibility we take very seriously. Our livestock are important to us and their health and welfare is our priority.

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    Before cattle can be exported they must undergo strict quarantine protocols to meet the regulations of the Australian Government and the requirements of the importing countries.


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    Australian cattle for live export are sourced from stations in far north Australia including WA, NT and QLD as well as from farms in southern areas of NSW, VIC, WA and SA.


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Health and Welfare

Ensuring the health and welfare of our cattle is at the core of what we do, across the supply chain, every day. Our husbandry methods are constantly modified with low stress management the prime consideration each time we handle our  cattle. Access to quality food and water is provided at all stages as well as treatment for local pests and diseases and quarantine when required.

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